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QuickTime Trailer for Eastwood's WWII films online

FlagsofourFathers.jpgFollowing on from the previous posting of the new single trailer for Clint Eastwood's two World War II films, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima had only the WMV version of the clip, well now it's available online in Quicktime, and it looks great.

This really does give the feeling of what these two films will show. Both talk of heroes, both talk of great sacrifice and it promises a cinematic feast which presents the true stories of both sides. I think we are already looking at classic and Oscar winner galore already. At least I'm hoping.

You can see the trailer over at Movie-List who carry the links to the hi-res and lo-res versions. Here's the direct link to the hi-res version.

The reason I've posted this again, rather than just an update, is because it's stunning. This is a trailer and a half...and for two movies too. I just can't get over how great Eastwood has become in his later directing years.



I simply cannot wait for this movie. December 22 cannot come quick enough!


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