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Raimi to helm Pratchett film

SamRaimi.jpgSam Raimi is set to produce and direct the film version of the Terry Pratchett novel "The Wee Free Men" which looks set to upset Scottish people everywhere.

The novel is about nine year old girl who enters a parallel world to retrieve her brother who has been kidnapped by the evil Queen (Queen of the other world, not our one!). Along this quest she meets some strange creatures who help her, six inch high blue Scottish creatures, wearing kilts, speaking Scottish, stealing sheep and drinking heavily.

I object, I've never stolen a sheep in my life. Ermmm...okay move on.

The news from Variety tells us that Pamela Petter will write the script, and she has recently written Monster House and Corpse Bride.

I haven't read the book, but I suspect this will be great news for Pratchett fans as it marks the first feature film from his material, I'm excluding the TV features from that comment of course. It also is good news as Raimi really does have a love for the work he does, and you can see the mix here will be one that looks perfect.

Are you a Pratchett fan? Have you been waiting for Hollywood to plunder and destroy his stories since his death? Well it looks like the first is going to get the treatment it deserves.



I am a Pratchett fan and have read the book, and I think this may be a really good move.

Sam Raimi has done an excellent job with the Spider -Man franchise so far, and I think he is certainly capable of doing justice to a Pratchett story.

The Wee Free Men is an interesting choice - it's primarily a children's story (although I still enjoyed it), so they may be looking for a 'Discworld Lite' approach... which would be understandable.

Richard, for the love of all things holy, where did you see he had died? I can't find that news ANYWHERE! His Wiki entry says he had chest pains in Oct. 2005, but beyond that I find nothing! Where did you see he was dead?

Teehee....can't believe it took so long for someone to notice - September fools!

My mistake, I was thinking of Douglas Adams as I hastily wrote this. Sometimes I write faster than I can reference.

My humblest apologies to Mr Pratchett.

Thanks to Gareth for emailing me with the mistake too!

To Richard Brunton:

You owe me one new heart as the one I had quickly spasmed into oblivion.

Dave from FilmRot.

My apologies again Dave. Now and again I just write these too fast. I'll slow down...

...for a few days!

OMG You scared me I thought he was dead for a min!


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