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Rendezvous - racing through Paris

CetaitunRendezvous.jpgFor those of you who don't know, C’était un Rendezvous is reality at it's most heightened, it's a film without any cuts, showing a high speed drive through Paris one morning. If you believe all the rumours, this means racing through Paris in a Ferrari 275 GTB, driven by a Formula 1 driver, at incredible high speeds and filming it all with a gyroscopic camera sitting on the front of the car.

From the story over at AOL Motoring comes the story of the incredible film.

Apparently the film's director Claude Lelouch, had just finished shooting another film and was left with about one thousand feet of unused film, which is about nine minutes and thirty seconds worth of footage. So Lelouch decided to use the new camera, strap it to the front of the car and went for it. The result was a nine minute film of incredible racing through Paris, red lights and all.

Richard Symons, a documentary filmmaker, attempted to remake the film with traditional filming methods. He got a team of stunt drivers, a US$3million budget, and the backing of Nissan to race through Prague. The result was a film called The Run and it didn't look anywhere near as strong as the original, and the simple ingredient that wins through is reality.

You can see the trailer over at AOL Video for a taste of what it's all about. Looks crazy doesn't it?

I saw the trailer on the back of a DVD I watched a little while ago and I was astounded. How did they manage to do it without killing anyone? I have no idea. You have to see the trailer to believe it.



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