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Romero talks Diary of the Dead

GeorgeARomero.jpgIt's already announced that George A. Romero is to make the zombie film Diary of the Dead, but no other details have come out apart from the rough outline of filmmakers in the forest discovering that zombies really exist. Now Romero has talked about the project and what he plans.

From Dread Central through AITH come the interesting comments:

"I wanted a new set of characters and have them deal with these events as they first come," says Romero. "I also want to deal with things from a very different perspective."...

..."I want to do this from a subjective kind of view with no music. You know, something really raw," Romero elaborates. "So it's kind of a stylistic experiment, a low budget, under the radar kind of thing that's just sort of from the heart."

In the article there are some hints made by the interviewers, some of them are backed up by the comments Romero makes above, and some are conjecture. Yes it does look like this will be back at the start of the whole Zombie outbreak, which does leave us with the impression that there's still one tale to tell, the very end after Land of the Dead.

The guesswork comes when they suggest that this will be direct to video. I think there's a wait before we have that confirmed, but as Dread Central say, this would allow Romero to do what he wants with the film without studio pressure, mind you can someone of Romero's stature do that anyway nowadays?

Although this does sound Blair Witch, there is a lot of stock to be had in the idea, and it does sound an interesting way to take the tale. After all wouldn't the last episode just be even more zombies continuing the feel of Land of the Dead? Perhaps this will be a nice refreshing break before the final tale?



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