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Russell Crowe to play Steve Irwin?

SteveIrwin.jpgI saw this rumour about Russell Crowe wanting to play Steve Irwin at the weekend, but Filmstalker behind the scenes are extremely busy at the moment as the site takes a serious step forward. Anyway, here I am now getting the details live. Yes, apparently an "insider" has said that Crowe is wanting to star as his late friend Irwin and show the world what a great bloke he was and what he tried to, and did, achieve.

Crowe talked at Irwin's funeral, and was indeed a friend, but I'm not so sure that he would be this quick in talking about a biographical film and pushing forward with it. The story comes from Commongate and it does sound like more speculation than anything, but would it be a good thing and a good match? If anyone is to do it then a friend, fellow Australian, and a strong actor would be the best choice. Crowe as Irwin?



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