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Scorsese turning Japanese with Silence

MartinScorsese.jpgMartin Scorsese has already moved on from his coming release The Departed and he's looking to his next work which is also Asian in origin. He plans to adapt a novel from Shusaku Endo called Chinmoku. Silence is a story set in 16th century Japan and the plot goes something like this:

...in 16th century Japan where Portuguese missionaries must contend with the feudal lords' hatred of the religion and the violence directed towards priests. Their methods include forcing religious types to deny their faith, usually by having step on a "fumie", or Christian image, such as a crucifix. Two Portuguese priests make the difficult journey to Japan to comfort converts and find the truth about a fellow holy man who apparently gave up his faith under duress

Empire provides the above details. Scorsese is adapting the novel along with Jay Cocks who also wrote on Gangs of New York, De-Lovely and Strange Days.

Do you think there's a big message in there that's going to be coming out with a modern slant? Ignorance of others, religions against each other through this ignorance, etc. Sounds like it to me, and there's no better time for stories like this. Hopefully it brings out something about understanding and tolerance than anything else.



I read before that after Silence, Martin Scorsese will be quitting Hollywood and concentrationg more on indepenent movies and documentaries.

If this is so, it would be wonderful for Scorsese to make his last great big masterpiece and hopefully win the Best Director Oscar which has eluded him over his entire wonderful career.

As you have stated Richard, it is the perfect time for a story like this - and I cannot think of anyone better to put it on screen than Martin Scorsese.

Yeah I read that story too, but I'm not so sure it'll hold up. Sure he may do a few smaller, independent films, but I guarantee the big Hollywood epic will come calling again. After all, he is damn good at them.

This is a compelling story. Shusaku Endo was catholic himself, which in Japan is quite rare. When we watch news, and see that a Pope has to explain himself a thousand times, or that a Mozart Opera has to be retired in Germany, one would think that we live in a barbaric and stupid time, unique in History.

But History is long, and intolerance is longer and longer. Yes, Griffith, I conjure you, the genius said "today as yesterday". We have been like this in times and times past, and we will be like this in times and times ahead.

We need movies like these. If only.


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