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Some site new features

Hi all, hope you're doing great. I'm just back from a short break in Spain and still trying to get caught up in work, life and Filmstalker, plus I just got my engagement present of an XBox 360 - could life get any busier? The positive side of that pressie is that my hunt will begin for an HD TV and an upgraded Home Cinema Amp, a journey which will be well documented here.

Anyway, the reason for this update is to let you know about a couple of new features. On the right hand side you'll see a Skype Status and a Chat Status section added. The first will show you when I'm online with Skype at my home computer, that way you can start a chat session with me if you have that software installed. The other is a Java chat system which will allow you all to chat with me if you don't have Skype.

There's also a "Make a Donation" button for PayPal if you really want to make a donation to the running of the site. If you do want to do that, you might want to consider getting something for your money, so if you were thinking of donating £1 (British Pound), then you could order an item of merchandise from the store because each purchase here gives me a pound back. Advertising is coming, it's just taking a little time, I'm busy you know, so if you don't want to do either, wait for the advertising and click on some of them for me.

Just to remind you about the Hub page which carries all the links and information you'll need to visit Filmstalker daily, and the Subscribe With... section on the right hand side which is a quick way to add the Filmstalker Feed to your favourite reader. Also, a quick reminder about the Bookmark this story... drop down in each article, this allows you to add the story to your favourite social bookmarking site - please use this when you find a new or interesting article, it'll help others find the story as well as keeping Filmstalker going.

As always, any suggestions then let me know either through comments on the site or directly at richard @ filmstalker dot co dot uk. Keep smiling.



So let's see, you have a finacee who bought you a 360, and a store that sells nifty t-shirts and hats, thus putting you 3 steps ahead of my own site.

Aaaaaaaaaand now you're dead to me. =)

I'd hardly say nifty Dave!

You're your own worst critic, Richard, just like me. I looked at your store, and I liked what I saw. If I was not struggling financially myself, I would import a FilmStalker shirt to support you. In fact, I'll promise you that when I get back on my feet, I will help you out. Deal?

Dave, it's the best way to be, then you always push yourself to get better.

Well let's see what ways there are to help out when you get to that point. There is much more coming than just advertising, merchandise and donations, so let's have that conversation then.

Finally!!! ;D

I still need to get that kewl mousepad!


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