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Star Trek casting rumours in warp drive

StarTrek.jpgThe Star Trek rumours, for me anyway, are getting out of control. Brent Spiner of Data fame was being questioned for a return and now Leonard Nimoy is being touted to play his own father! How can either of these work when the tale is supposed to be a prequel?

It seems right now that any previous member of the Star Trek franchise is being grabbed by fans for a quote about the new film, and the rumours are going wild. Let's face it, Nimoy and William Shatner have been approached by the studio to say that there's a film in the works and they wanted to know if they would be interested if there were something there. To me that's very general and a mere placeholder. This done without a script even.

The latest rumour occurred when Nimoy was asked playing his father by a fan and he responded by saying "get Abrams on the phone" in a joking manner. The great bunch of guys at Cinemablend brought it to my attention.

Perhaps it's time all us Star Trek fans took a deep breath and calmed down a moment. Let's see if we can get something official and concrete from the project itself, not from the past stars of the series who say they'd be interested when they are asked by a reporter or fan.

However this will continue, how can it not? There are loads of fans out there and we're all dying to hear more about it and see if this film can revitalise the franchise, with the whole thing shrouded by a cloaking device (GEEK!) how can we not speculate?



Right now, it´s all about speculation. I think it will be a great Trek movie. The other day I was watching Nemesis, and what a good movie it is: pity it was so overlooked.

I have heard that they are releasing CGI-altered versions of TOS in HD-DVD for the 40th anniversary. That is a very very bad idea...

They really want to nail this Star Trek franchise to the wall. Why can't they just let it be? I have always been a huge fan of Star Trek orginal, and by golly, I'm beside myself with this waterdown idea in the name of money, greed and profit. Grrrrr


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