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Stone working on second 9/11 film?

OliverStone.jpgOliver Stone has commented that there's a huge story to be told from the events of September the 11th and that his World Trade Center film may not be the only one he's making on these events.

According to Digital Spy he's already started work:

"It (9/11) was huge. I think it's the basis of another film for me. I've started with the basics, with these men in the centre of things."

His last few words are interesting, is he suggesting that it will center on these very men again, or the rescue services in general? I hope the latter, but what I really would like to see is Stone tackling the whole series of events that day, not just a small section of the day. This is the kind of film that Stone is ideal for. A multi-threaded, complex, politically charged and an incredibly human drama, isn't this Stone to a tee?

What do you think? Should he make a film of the entire day's events, or focus on smaller events of the day?



If anyone can do the movie of movies about this is the one who directed the superbs JFK and Nixon, and those brilliant Vietnam films. If he wanted, he could make Michael Moore to appear as a gibberish scholar.

I mean no disrespect to the events of 09/11 and the loss of the affected families but why tell WAY too many stories about it? What other lessons could be learned? Why milk the situation dry?

This is not only about the families and the victims. It´s an event that changed the face of our world for decades. I don´t think the situation can be milk dry, because the unsolved issues are countless.


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