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Strathairn in Tsunami film

DavidStrathairn.jpgDavid Strathairn has signed up to a new film about the 2004 Tsunami called Hereafter, a film I talked about in my previous writing life and was quite scathing about. Scathing because it focuses on the a very US-centric story amongst all the tragedy along the southern coast of Central Asia.

Michael Patwin is going to make his directorial debut (he's a strong writer already) on his own screenplay. Strathairn is to play an American clothing designer who goes searching for his American wife and children lost in the chaos and devastation. The story from Variety through Cinematical tells us that filming is to start early next year and a percentage of the proceeds will be used to help orphaned children from these hard hit regions.

What the annoyance was before, and it was one for all those who commented, was that this was an all American focus when it should really have been looking at people from the region and their tragedies, not turning it into an American movie of triumph over adversity.

There were various thoughts on what could be done, and one of the most positive was a multi threaded story that flowed between various tales told by local filmmakers from the different regions affected.

However, you can see what's going on here, if there's an American story here then it's much more marketable in the US.

What do you think? Do you care if it gets the story out, or are you also feeling a little odd that they are making this an all American tale?



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