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Tale of Desperaux grabs huge cast

CiarinHinds.jpgWhy is it that animated films always grab so many big stars? The Tale of Desperaux has some huge names already, Sigourney Weaver, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy, Stanley Tucci, Robbie Coltrane, Ciaran Hinds, Christopher Lloyd, Justin Long (I'm tailing off here) and Tracey Ullman.

That's a very strong cast, and I've chosen Hinds as the picture very deliberately because he's one of my favourite actors out of the lot. The news from Variety through Coming Soon.

The story is based on a book and IMDB have the blurb as "Together, three very unlikely heroes -- a literary mouse, an awkward servant girl, and a conflicted rat -- cross paths with a princess." Well we've seen it all before, but for me half the fun is hearing these actors do something different than they would if you were to see them on screen.

Why is it that animated tales manage to grab so many big names so easily? Is it because they get a chance to act parts that they never would normally if they were seen? I don't mean creatures, I mean that when you see them an actors character is already quite well defined by the way they look.




There's another reason why I like you and the Filmstalker, because we agree on a lot of things, and now you floored me after revealing you also like Ciaran Hinds, because I SO LOVE THE MAN MYSELF!!! Ahhhhhhh.... I am currently watching the "Rome" series on DVD and one of the reasons why I love the show is because of his portrayal of Caesar (not to mention another Scottish actor that caught my eye- Kevin McKidd, but we'll talk about him later!)

And that's a nice photo you chose of him too! High five matey! ;D

Cool! Yeah, I do love him. He can give such powerful and understated performances. He was stunning in Munich, and as I read the book Vengeance, I could think of no one but him.

Just watched him again in Persuasion (the 6th time this year mind you!) since I was visiting Bath this week, just to set my mood. To quite Austen's lines, "he pierces my soul". AWWWWWWWW!!!!


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