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Teaser: Tyrese in 12th Man, Burke under surveillance

Two quick updates today, the first is for Tyrese Gibson producing a sci-fi film 12th Man, and Billy Burke in a "supernatural cop thriller" (must be a new genre) called Surveillance.

From Production Weekly through Killer Movies: Burke is to star in a film about an FBI agent tracking a serial killer with the help of his surviving victims, each of whom seem to experience a completely different experience at the killers hands. The director\writer is Jennifer Chambers Lynch, the director\writer of Boxing Helena. Ah.

From Variety through Empire: Gibson is producing a film where a man who wakes up on a slowly disintegrating space prison with no memory of who or his is or how he got there. Not dramatic enough? Well, let's throw in eleven psychotic madmen who previously occupied the prison between him and the last escape pod. Ooooh, sounds, well, like a videogame actually!

Just to check, do you prefer this format of pulling the little stories together, or would you rather they were still individual posts? Any thoughts?



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