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Teasers: Optimus statue, Pitt no for MI, no Spidey 4?

Hotdog-small.gifHere are some quick teasers of film related stories this weekend, as I realise I've got way too much to do. There's a huge Optimus Prime statue in China, Pitt in Mission Impossible wasn't true at all, and there's strong evidence now that there won't be another Spidey film...at least a good one anyway.

From Digital Spy: Brad Pitt won't be replacing Tom Cruise in M:I:IV, his agent denies the claim saying it's totally made up. Good.

From The Edge through Cinematical: James Franco says that he, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst all signed three picture deals for Spider-Man, and they aren't sure about a fourth without Sam Riami at the helm. Still, he'd be sad to see the end of the series.

From Karate Party through Transformers News and Reviews: If you didn't know (I didn't) there's a huge statue, over forty foot tall, of Optimus Prime in the Yunnan Province in China. Yes, I am being serious, it's huge and there are pictures online. You can see the mammoth statue over at the Karate Party site. What do you think? Stunning!



On the Pitt news, thank goodness for that! :P


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