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Teasers: Horror Trier and Witherspoon in serious terror

ReeseWitherspoon.jpgA couple of updates on casting news...

From Production Weekly through Coming Soon: Lars von Trier is going to turn his hand to horror now, a project called Antichrist.

From FilmJerk through CinemaBlend: Reese Witherspoon is to star in the story of...

...a Cairo CIA analyst who's life gets turned upside-down when he watches the Egyptian Secret Police interrogate a foreigner. Reese will play the pregnant American wife of an Egyptian-born chemical engineer living in the US until he's snatched up and sent to a third-world country as a political prisoner.

Update: 27/09/2006 Seems as though I missed out Jake Gyllenhaa who is also in final negotiations for the film as the analyst who is being interrogated. Reese is also in final negotiations.

Directed by Gavin Hood who gave us Tsotsi (review), and it's to be called Rendition. Josh points out that he thinks if the film hadn't cast Witherspoon it would have been lost in the deluge, and I'd agree. I think the fact that Reese is really pushing against type here is interesting, and it'll be great to see her put forward her real acting talent in something so strong. (Crowded House).



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