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Television Films this weekend

TelevisionSet.jpgI started this last week and I thought I'd do it again, for all those readers in the UK with or without freeview, here are the best and most interesting films of the weekend.

Will you be watching any of them?

Along Came a Spider on Film4 9:00pm - 10:55pm
One of the Alex Cross stories from the writer James Patterson starring Morgan Freeman and Michael Wincott. It's not a bad tale and has a nice strong ending.

The Crying Game on Film4 9:00pm - 10:55pm
Well what is there to say about this film? It's become famous for the twist.

The Long Kiss Goodnight on E4 10:00pm - 12:15am
Great fun, and a good film from Renny Harlin. Starring Samuel L Jackson and the gorgeous Geena Davis, she plays her roles superbly as the Mother turned Hitwoman. Strangely Jackson plays a quite weak character and does this well, there's perhaps something to be said for him taking roles like this. Also stars one of my favourite and underused actors, David Morse.

The War of the Roses on ITV3 10:05pm - 12:20am
Cracking film of anger and utter hatred between a couple, and what a couple. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner with Danny DeVito struggling to retain normality in between. Some cracking scenes and good one liners. Did you realise that Sean Astin the Terrorist killing Hobbit is in it?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Film4 6:50pm - 9:00pm
Another film that will undoubtedly become a classic in the future. Stunning to watch and filled with heart.

A Life Less Ordinary on Film4 9:00pm - 10:55pm
I've never seen this, and a main reason it's on here, but seeing McGregor and Diaz on screen together early in their careers in this odd comedy might just be interesting.

The Fabulous Baker Boys on BBC4 9:10pm - 11:00pm
Oh Michelle Pfieffer...Then add the two Bridges brothers with a fabulous soundtrack and a pretty simple tale, and here you have a great film. The scene with Pfieffer atop the piano is just so iconic.

The Shining on BBC2 10:30pm - 12:30am
The great Stephen King adaptation with a stunning performance from Jack Nicholson brought to us by the rampaging Stanley Kubrick. It's a powerful and brooding film which really does make you afraid of empty hotel corridors. Portions of this film have poured into modern culture and are refrenced throughout other movies, but don't let that put you off, this isn't a film buff's film, this is a great horror too.

Saturday Night Fever on C4 10:20pm - 12:35am
Travolta, the songs, the dancing, the big hair and egos, how could this film ever have become as big as it has, but it has, and it's fun to watch. Still, whenever I watch it I think of Airplane during that white suit moment.

Last Days on Film4 12:55am - 2:35am
The Gus Van Saint film of the effect on fame using the last few days of Kurt Cobain as the focus of the camera. I've never seen it but it's always been talked about well, whether that's good or bad it's always prompted discussion and debate. I think I might try and catch this.

Croupier on More4 10:10pm - 11:55pm
Clive Owen has received a lot of praise over this film, and it's touted as his strongest performance to date. Directed by Mike Hodges from a story by Paul Mayersberg, it does suggest that it is a strong story, and the IMDB votes and comments back that up. Again I've not seen this but heard much, and I think it will be another film this weekend to try and catch.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on C4 10:00pm - 11:50pm
I saw the original when I was very underage and it scared me beyond belief. For nights on end I imagined Leatherface leaping out of the cupboard with the chainsaw at full revs. Luckily it never happened and here I am, but I've always thought a remake would cheapen that memory so I've never seen it. Lately though, the footage for the third in the series, the prequel, has got me thinking, have they actually managed to capture that original feel in this remake? Well there's only one way to find out.

Pacific Heights on Film4 11:05pm - 1:00am
There's only one reason to watch this film isn't there? Michael Keaton. He's superb in this role and wonderful as a baddie. I wish we could see more of him like this.

So what are you going to watch this weekend out of that lot, or is there something else on your watch list?



Michelle Pfeiffer eh? She was crooning "More Than You Know" in that scene if I am not wrong.

Alas I won't be watching any of these, by virtue of being in the wrong country :(

However, I can advise you against Last Days, which I found to be totally insight-free, and endorse Croupier, which was my first exposure to Clive Owen. As for Saturday Night Fever, I was expecting something appallingly kitschy when I saw it—probably because it's been parodied and all that—and was surprised when I didn't get it. I still don't know how much I like it per se, but it's a far darker and harder film than you might expect a film involving disco dancing to be. I can see now why it got an R rating here back in 1977 (although I know there's a school of thought that reckons the partly reshot and toned down PG version of the film is the better one).

The War of The Roses? YESSSS!!!!

Remember your "Love & Marriage" feature, Rich? What did I say? And here it is. It's put me right off my fish supper it has.

James, if I could get the time to do all the good/interesting films from all countries I would! Perhaps you'd want to compile yours every Friday?


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