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The Fountain booed by critics

TheFountain_Poster.jpgNews is out that The Fountain has been booed at the Venice Film Festival premiere. The critics who saw the film were apparently quite confused by the film.

"Wonderful" and "different" do not a good movie make, but those were words used by one of the stars, Rachel Weisz, to describe the long awaited movie by Darren Aronofsky. From the BBC she's quoted as saying:

"I think it's wonderful that this film is so different,...I would love to work with Darren again."

Could well be something to do with the critics chosen for the screening. Personally I think the studio's want to be turning their attention to smaller internet sites like Filmstalker for their critics! Seriously though, there is a feeling that the smaller reviewers are giving it more positive feedback than these critics who were booing on the back of their nice trip.

The reaction is something to be aware of, but not to base the entire judgement of the movie on. Mind you, saying that, neither are the words Weisz has used to describe it.



Richard's back! Hey, how's the Spanish holiday, are you two tan and all? ;D

I am glad that the reception to this film is somewhat divided, who knows, we might end up liking it!

Hello! Yes, I am back. Rested and recovered. Added about twelve stone from red wine and food, and I have a partial tan, although I never do tan well!

The reaction of these critics is yet another reason to go and see this film. I like the story, the actors, and the director. No matter what they say, if the story interests me, I will be there. And this one has caught me since the beginning. To hell with those boos.


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