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The Good Shepherd Trailer online

RobertDeNiro.jpgThe trailer for The Good Shepherd is online, the film that has been Robert De Niro's passion for some time, written by Eric Roth it chronicles the birth of the CIA and one of the first operatives, Edward Wilson played by Matt Damon. The cast also includes Joe Pesci, Angelina Jolie, and the superb Alec Baldwin.

The trailer is over at Moviefone [QT:L:XL:Dload] through Coming Soon.

What do you think? It has moments, and some of the scenes look well filmed, but there's nothing really there that sets up a conflict or hooks my attention. Don't get me wrong, I'm very keen to see this film (particularly after Paul Schrader's comments), but the trailer isn't as strong as I thought it would be. Perhaps I built myself up too much. What do you think, am I way out?



I will summarize my opinion on trailers in one single comment: they are tricky. Only the final movie can tell.

I really like the trailer. I too have bee looking forward to this movie for a long time and this trailer has only solidified my expectation. All the performances look very strong and I agree that it certainly looks well-filmed.

I have to disagree with you regarding the "conflict" though, Richard. Surely one man sacrificing his family for his job is one of the biggest conflicts faced by any person in their life?

This one is staying penciled into my diary.

It is Spidey, very much agree, but in the trailer he's not doing anything to make you feel the conflict. She shouts, he looks and stays quiet. Yes I get the setup, but it hasn't come through at all well in the trailer.

In a film this big about the CIA surely there was something stronger for the trailer.

I just think they've not done a good job on the trailer, not the film, I have high hopes for that.

Didnt do anything for me at all.

Will still see the film though. ;)


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