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The Hobbit movie confirmed

TheHobbit.jpgNews out today shows that The Hobbit, the previously announced Terminator 4, and a Thomas Crown Affair sequel are confirmed for the coming years, and that MGM hope to secure Peter Jackson to direct.

We already knew about Terminator 4 from the producers and there has been talk of a Thomas Crown sequel for some time, I think mentioned by Pierce Brosnan and his own production company. However rumours have been quite mixed about The Hobbit and whether it would be made. I always considered there was no doubt of it getting made, why wouldn't it after Lord of the Rings?

The news comes from Variety through Coming Soon.

A Thomas Crown Affair sequel could be good, if well done and following from the first in style. Terminator 4 I dread to think how that's going to go with no Arnie and the third being such a parody of itself. As for the Hobbit, I think this has huge potential as long as Jackson or someone with his talent and respect carries it forward.



These are great projects. I particularly have strong feelings with Terminator 4, because it will be set in the future machines war. I didn´t dislike Terminator 3 as much as the majority. And I bet Arnold will at least make an appearance.

Oh come on now, Terminator 3 is not a Terminator film, it's just a series of great action sequences and a few scenes of cool exposition rapid fire between the characters, but the whole opening scene with the Terminator in the strip joint putting on stupid shades is like the Police Academy of Terminator.

Then you've got the new Terminator that insists on speaking to camera to explain what they've discovered.

Those aspects annoyed me so much they really hurt the film for me.

Terminator 3 was far from great and as Richard said, it had some great action sequences. All in all though, they shit the bed. They pretty much undid what was the main theme from Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day - "the future is not set".

It wasn't just a tagline, it was a metaphor for the movie-goers. Nothing about YOUR future is set. YOU can alter YOUR future by YOUR actions. Simple!

I'm interested to see the machine war, but I fear this could be just the final nail in the coffin for the Terminator series.

As far as i'm concerned, the only worthy sequel to T2, is T2-3D in Universal Studios.

I understand what you say! But there was a dark, fatallistic tone in Terminator-3 that appealed to me. It´s an interesting, almost gloomy movie. John O´Connor is a junkie, the Terminator says to him he will betray him, they carry Sara´s coffin, and the ending is really shocking. I know it´s a very irregular movie, but it interested me more than expected.

Actually those (barring the coffin carrying) are the parts of the film that I thought were good. The rest let it down so much more.

does any 1 know when peter jacson intends 2 make and/or relise relese the Hobbit?


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