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The Invisible trailer stuns

DavidGoyer.jpgThe trailer for the film The Invisible is now online at the marketing hotbed of MySpace, and it looks superb. I really haven't given this film much attention until now, and the trailer has hit hard.

Reminding me a little of a book I read recently by James Herbert Nobody True in which a dead man's spirit goes about trying to find his murderer, similar to this tale.

The trailer, from The Invisible film MySpace page through Coming Soon, does look really good with some strong scenes and ideas. Disappointingly it's not an original idea.

It's a remake of Den Osynlige a Swedish film from 2002 which in turn is an adaptation of a novel Mats Wahl.

As usual I'll try to see the original ahead of the Hollywood remake, but perhaps this one might be a bit stronger than the rest after watching the trailer, and also because the writer of this version is the same as the orginal, Mick Davis and is directed by David S. Goyer.



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