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Tolkien and Lewis team up

JRRTolkien.jpgThe idea of great heroes teaming up together has been done before, but mainly with superheroes in comic books, now J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams are teaming up to fight evil in the world during World War I.

The story sounds bizarre and yet could be quite clever. Here, There Be Dragons (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica) tells the story of three strangers who meet in London during World War I, Jack, John and Charles are the famous authors to be and they are entrusted with an atlas showing the great mythical lands of literature. They set out to find them and end up fighting evil forces who are threatening all the worlds that they know, even their own.

The story comes from CinemaBlend and sounds like another story I've heard but it's just not coming to mind just yet. Is there any allure in the idea that this is about the authors, or will the interest just be in the dragons and mystical worlds?

According to Josh at CB, Warner Brothers is intending the project for the Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer. Does that mean it's going to be really dark?



This is veeeeeery intriguing.

Being a huge Tolkienite my good self, I'm very worried and very excited at the same time. Kind of like if I was asked out by Famke Jansen.

Handled sensetively I guess this could work and be alot of fun at the same time. I wonder what their estates think about all this

Count me in!

Mmm...it's a tough one isn't it? I think we're going to see a film that does have these literary giants in there, but since they're children I don't think there's going to be any issue with what they do and how they behave. There's probably going to be more concern with how the worlds are portrayed.

I think it sounds like such a gimmicky idea though, because it doesn't really matter that these children are going to be the big writers...or does it? Has anyone read the book? Perhaps the whole key is that the adventures make them write their stories, or that they have to write the stories to keep the worlds alive and safe?


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