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Toy Story 3 plot scrapped

ToyStory.jpgThe previous rumour, which was later confirmed by various sources on the project, about Toy Story 3 was that the film would be about the recall of the Buzz Lightyear toys. However rumour has it today that this plot line has been totally scrapped.

However bad that news sounds, it's actually good. The reason is that John Lasseter has started the project up again and at the same time he's scrapped that recall story in favour of one that nicely completes the trilogy aspect and where the original stories were leading.

The story comes from an update of some Disney projects through Jim Hill Media blog.

Actually I'm torn, the recall story all sounded really pretty clever and had lot's of scope, but the prospect that Lasseter has another storyline in mind to complete the series sounds superb, and if it ends the series there, then I'll be happy. I'd hate the prospect of it slowly fading out through direct to DVD films.



I thought the TS3 "recall" storyline - which, if I'm not mistaken, was conjured by the Circle 7 folks while Disney and Pixar were hashing out their deal - was too much like TS2: one of the toys being involuntarily removed and the others have to rescue him. So I'm glad to hear that Lasseter's got something else in mind. He's the brains and heart behind Woody, Buzz and the rest and I've got more confidence in him than anyone else that he can deliver a solid reason to make this in the first place.


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