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Transformers script online!

Transformers.jpgSomehow the first few pages of the Transformers script have appeared online, yes, as bizarre as it sounds, it's actually there. Now, how authentic it is is up to you, but the site has had some early material before, and it does read very well. You be the judge. Here's a little excerpt of the beginning...


Sunlight begins to creep onto the screen, revealing a STRANGE SYMBOL. Like a complex glyph. Slowly, we WIDEN to reveal....

It's one of MANY. Etched into a metallic surface. The symbols can only have come from an ALIEN CIVILIZATION.

We hear a VOICE: powerful, noble. Though we don't know it yet, it's the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME:

OPTIMUS: Our planet was destroyed by the ravage of war... a war waged between the legions who worship chaos, and those of us who follow freedom...

As the light grows, it illuminates an IMMENSE SQUARE MASS CUBE. Covered by the symbols. Hurtling through SPACE...

There's more in the main story...

OPTIMUS: We battles for rule of a supreme power...The Energon Cube. It's origin is unknown to us, yet it bears the life force that created our race... We fought until our world was awash in death, until the very ground swallowed whole our once-mighty cities... and the cube was lost to the limitless stars...

The cube plunges into an ASTEROIDAL GROUPING and ever-so-slightly NICKS one of the rocks, bounces in a new direction:

OPTIMUS: Then, by fortune or fate, its course was altered. Drawn to a planet called..."Earth".

REVEAL -- in the distance -- a familiar blue marble. The cube SCREAMS past ?? rocketing toward our planet...

OPTIMUS: We have searched for the cube across deserts of time, hoping to find it before the dark legions... but as fate would have it, we were already too late.

You can see the entire first five pages over at Jalopnik, although I don't know how long for.

How do you think it reads? Reads like a typical Bay all action opener, and that's not a bad thing. I can imagine it now, and even the script is hyping me up. I think it's a winner.

Update: 18/09/2006
Randall P. just let me know that Simply Scripts are saying that the script is up and down on the Internet like a - I'll go polite here - yo-yo. They suggest a search on Google which they carry from the above page.

Randall points out that it's an early draft, but Scripts say that the screenwriters are...

John Rogers with revisions by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (in IMDB it has John Rogers as contributing only the story with Alex and Roberto as screenwriters).

...so it seems pretty genuine.



This script was on Simply scripts up and till a week or two ago - in its entirety. I read the whole thing, assuming it was an old unproduced version. It was called Transformers: Prime Directive, by John Rogers (revisions by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci). The link now says it has expired.

If I remember rightly it starts with the discovery of the robot in the ice then flashes forward to a desert battle with a Scorpion robot and then to a kid who is the descendant of the blinded explorer (who now has his glasses with the symbol etched on them), because of this the bad Transformers are after him. He somehow gets a Transformer called Bumblebee as his car. Sorry if that sounds a vague as I am not familiar with the original Tranformers.

The script was pretty good and very action packed. I checked on imdb and the writing credits are the same so maybe this was for real?



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