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Tyler joins Bacon in Death Sentance

AishaTyler.jpgPreviously I wrote about Kevin Bacon in Death Sentance, a film about a father out for revenge on the gang members who murdered his family, hunting them down one by one. Now news is that Aisha Tyler has joined the cast as a cop who helps him out.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter. Interestingly the role in the book was originally a fifty year old man, but the filmmakers decided to change this during casting - what a great reason to decide to change the role, not because the story would be better or any other reason, possibly because they saw the potential for a quick love story, or the fact that Tyler is stunning to look at.

Personally, and no offence intended to Tyler, I think it would have worked better with an older character. They're world weary ways might have meant that they would have been more willing to help someone who they suspect is murdering people. A younger cop would be less likely to do this and more inclined to stick to the letter of the law, don't you think?



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