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Venice Film Festival Awards announced

TheQueen.jpgThe Venice Film Festival has announced its awards and Best Actor is a stunning surprise.

According to the BBC Helen Mirren took Best Actress for her role in The Queen as...well...Queen Elizabeth II. I have to say that award seems well deserved as the scenes I've watched she looks similar, carries herself and sounds remarkably like the Queen herself. Peter Morgan took the Best Screen Award for his screenplay of The Queen.

Best Film was taken by Still Life, a Chinese film about the after effects of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

Best Director was awarded to Alain Resnais for Coeurs (Private Fears in Public Places) and the Best Documentary went to Spike Lee for When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.

The full awards list can be seen on the VIFF site, but the most surprising was Ben Affleck taking the Best Actor award for Hollywoodland.

I remember saying that I thought this might be a chance for Affleck to show his acting talent in the film, something I really think he hasn't managed to do for me as yet. This is superb news for him though, especially considering he stars alongside Adrien Brody, it's also great news for Hollywoodland itself.

Surprised by that? It's no surprise that Lee's documentary won, nor is it that Mirren won for her role, but Affleck?



First of all, I am surprised by the main award, that Chinese film. I guess it may be good, but the competition level was quite strong. I think Bobby deserved more, not to say other films which were clearly misunderstood.

I think Ben Affleck deserves it. I always suspected he can do much more. At least, I can say it loud: his friend Matt Damon is not a better actor than him, and he is on top. About time for Ben.

It´s also disappointing that Alain Resnais still wins prizes, like if cinema was living out from old masters. The films everybody will be talking about soon, and were exhibited at Venice, haven´t earned a single prize.

Having seen the film, I can say that Helen Mirren was fab as the Queen. Well deserved award IMO.


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