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Verhoeven's Zwartboek early review

PaulVerhoeven.jpgPaul Verhoeven surprised me when I found out the project he was working on was a World War II drama that looked quite strong and dramatic. Now news is out from someone who has managed to get into a screening of the film Zwartboek (Black Book) and give a non-spoiler overview of the film.

Over at AICN the scooper tells us:

During the first thirty minutes I thought I was going to be right. The Verhoeven themes we all know and love are all there (mostly religion and breasts, mostly female), but it seems like the movie’s just going through the motions, like another recent Dutch WWII drama, Twin Sisters...

...after a slow start Zwartboek truly comes into its own as a Verhoeven movie, mixing horror and humor, sensuality with terror, and before we know it the lines between good and evil are familiarly blurred. There’s not a whole lot of action, since there’s realism to consider and the movie’s budget, but when it comes it is shot clearly and energetically, always propelling the plot.

The scooper also warns us that those of us who thought Basic Instinct was "pushing the limits female nudity on screen" will be very surprised during a few scenes with its star, Carice van Houten. The blurb of the story is that...

It sounds very promising, and even moreso that the scooper began with quite negative comments about it but warmed to it during the film. I enjoy movies like that because your expectations are dropped right at the beginning and the film itself builds them right back up again. In many ways that shows a more powerful movie than if you walk into it and it's good all the way through, often there your expectations were of a certain level going in and they're kept there throughout.

Ermmm...does anyone get that apart from me?!



Another completely ignored film in Venice. This review is a great appetizer for it!

Just saw from his IMDb CV that he is also making Beast of Bataan, that will be something I would like to see, having come from the Philippines.


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