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Volver is Spain's Oscars nominee

PenelopeCruz.jpgThe Penélope Cruz starrer Volver from Pedro Almodóvar has been chosen as the official Spanish entry for the Foreign Language Film entry for the Oscars.

The film has Cruz playing a mother who's own mum appears back from the dead one day to try and resolve the issues she couldn't when she was alive. Amazingly the daughters don't run like hell and get the ghost whisperer in, and instead find that the ghost is quite comforting and helps out in their lives.

According to Contact Music:

Almodovar, 54, insists he was astonished by the choice after a long-running feud with the judging committee. Last year (05), he quit the Spanish Film Academy in a row over voting procedures and how Spain's candidate for the Oscars was chosen.

The race is on.



Okay, spanish cinema is almost dead, but has it always to be Almodovar, that cheesy manufacturer of dream inducer trash films?

Ooh, I detect some anger there! For those of us who aren't really familiar with his work, what would you say are the problems with his films Peter?

HAHAHAHAHA I knew it! I knew who would be up in arms against "Volver" or any of Almodovar's work. I asked Peter the same question when I was contemplating on wanting to watch Volver weeks ago but he wasnt really very encouraging. Now that Richard has asked, tell us more about him! ;D

Okay, here it goes. I will try to be as objective as I can (listening "Rocky" BSO):

Almodovar is an awful filmmaker, a sort of cheap Woody Allen, but without the writing genius. He is doing always the same movie, once and once again: a costumbrist melodrama, usually with one or more roles having some sexual confusion, a pedestrian sense of humour, and absolutely lack of knowing of the cinematographic language, not to say the composition of the shot, or the dramatic coherence.

To add more to my irritation, no one, and I say no one except some fool in some dark and obscure blog, can say anything against Almodovar in Spain. The prizes he is winning everywhere are his credit to the world. Little does Almodovar know, surrounded by the elogium whisperers, that he is kinda like a curiosity in the circus, the "prestige" director everyone cheers boy nobody, ultimately, stands.

It was outrageus to see him entrusting himself to some Virgin of some village when he received the Oscar. But the worst thing a movie can be is boring, and Almodovar is the king of boredom, because he bases all his career in making a verbal diarrhea of every film he does.

About to deconstruct him, really.

Somebody has to explain to me what Peter just said there. *winks*

Wow Peter! I think I'm going to have to have a word with you about writing a feature!

I always shine when I rant LOLOL.

Peter to write a feature for Filmstalker? *gasps*

Simone drops on the floor and faints

Had the opportunity to watch my first Pedro Almodovar film with 1988's Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and I must say I really quite enjoyed it. Peter, both Carmen Maura and Chus Lampreave are also in Volver, I guess I'll just have to add this to my rental queue.

Long has it rained since that times ;)

Oh here's the Almodovar expert! ;D


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