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War Games 2 gains director

WarGames.jpgThere's a rumour about that a director and writer have been found for War Games 2, yes there's going to be one. However the calibre of both does lead you to believe it won't be a mega budget success.

From Production Weekly through CinemaBlend comes the story:

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III director Stuart] Gillard has been tapped to helm the sequel from a script penned by Surf II writer Randall M. Badat.

Ooh. High hopes then? I think not. At the start of September we heard that MGM was planning a sequel filled slate of...rubbish (I couldn't keep going with that illiteration!), and that War Games 2 was scheduled to start shooting in November, looks like they might still be trying for a start this year.

Honestly though, does anyone want to see this?



Honestly though, does anyone want to see this? ... no

War Games was of its time, I really have no interest in seeing a sequel now, for me it just would not work.

TMNT 3? Was that the one with Vanilla Ice? No, I'm thinking of Turtles II. Actually, the more pertinent question is, what the [Bleep - Richard] was so great about Surf to warrant a sequel? Were the mid 80's a time when we needed more Eddie Deezen?

Also, I have it on good authrority that the WOPR supercomputer has been replaced by a meglomaniacal fast-food chain owner with politcal aspirations (you see 'cause both could be built on. . .well. . .heh heh. . .ugghhhh).


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