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Weisz wants Mummy III role

RachelWeisz.jpgI really do find this hard to believe, but Racheal Weisz wants to be in The Mummy III and reprise her role.

She said she would definitely like to take part in the film when she spoke to the French film news site Écran Large through UK IGN. However she hadn't yet read the script or been offered any role. Still it's a long way away.

The reason I find that such a surprise is that she's done so much since those roles, indeed she is the one that gained most from that series rather than the lead Brendan Fraser. The Constant Gardener, The Fountain (good or bad) and My Blueberry Nights, you could even argue for Constantine, and through these films an Oscar, a BIFA, a Golden Globe, an ALFS, an SDFCS, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, all for the one role.

With all that she's heading back to the series that pushed her forward. I guess there's two ways to take that, one is that she's bringing back her star status to the film, and the other is that she doesn't need to, her career is far above this series, and despite the first two films being a success, the third shows a distinct change from the franchise storyline.

So I'm surprised she's keen to go back, but frankly it would be a big help to the film if she does.



two things:

first off: man, i think this is great. I said just the other day how much I wanted this to happen. bless her for not thinking herself above the role that made her famous ( pretty much )

second off: man, that picture is sexy as.

Oh, you noticed? I had fun finding that image! ;)

I think it's pretty kewl of her that she still wants to have some fun doing movies like The Mummy. Any news whether John Hannah is also coming back?


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