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28 Weeks Later script review online

28DaysLater.jpgThere's a script review for the zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later, obviously the sequel to 28 Days Later. For those of you who haven't been following Filmstalker, 28 Weeks Later follows the original some...yes...28 Weeks Later. At this stage the US has quarantined the UK and have been cleaning it up. Now under US military control the UK is starting to see the return of the first uninfected residents.

It appears that this new film is going to be pretty much like the original. Zombies appear, people get infected fast and soon it's a small bunch of survivors out to fight off the zombies...again.

That's about as much as I'll tell you as the script review contains some spoilers. I'll admit I started reading and pulled myself away before I read too much, not that I'm too concerned about spoiling the film because I wasn't such a big fan of the original. However there are some interesting things promised for this film, and some nice plot turns.

If you're not too concerned about spoilers you can head over to Latino ReviewLatino Review to see the script review, found through Obsessed With Film.



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