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300 comic versus trailer

Butler300.jpgWe're being told that 300 has been carefully adapted from the original comic, and for those of us who haven't read the comic or seen the film it's a bit hard to tell for ourselves. Until now.

Over at Solace in cinemaSolace in cinema they've bust a gut to put together scenes from the trailer against panels from the comic book, and they look almost identical. It looks like a fair amount of care has gone into reproducing the scenes, and they look visually stunning, even moreso than seeing the trailer on it's own.

You can catch the full comparison over at their flickr pages. Well done guys, that's a superb piece of work.



Ehr, is that MY Gerry aka King Leonidas??? *swoons*

Gee Rich, I didnt expect you to keep your word that quick, about finding something re: Mr. Butler I mean!

300 will rock in 2007 and Gerry will be the new "Russel Crowe" and hopefully better since he's a Scot!! "Scotland the Brave"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, another Scotsman!

Just you keep hanging in there Simone...maybe one day there'll be a feature on him!

Aha! You know me too well Rich but of course, I shall be patient.

Where is it????? Where???


Hey richie,
go to this site and watch the latest trailer {official}. it will rock your socks right offffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Mike - I caught that on Apple and posted it at the top of today's stories. Just takes a little while for them all to get posted as I hate throwing them all up at once. See the front page, or straight to the story.


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