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300 final theatrical trailer online

300.jpgOh my lord. The official, full theatrical trailer for Zack Snyder's 300 is online now, and it simply looks stunning. It adds a lot more to the rough trailer we saw before, and this one is visually rich, powerful and stirring, and its full of raw emotion. After this movie anyone who has been saying "Butler who? Isn't that a British actor?" will be saying "Ah, Gerard Butler, is he really Scottish?", he commands the screen in this trailer.

Seriously, if you haven't seen this trailer then you must, if you don't watch trailers, do. It's that good. If the Oscars were handing out awards for trailers, this one would win.

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers. Watch, come back, and tell us what you think.



Oh!!! Now I am at work I cant have a look at the trailer, it has to be when I get home!

"Ah, Gerard Butler, is he really Scottish?", he commands the screen in this trailer.

I am beaming with pride here. :D

Stunning is definitely the right word. Wow...

I was absolutely blown away by the longer, previously made-the-rounds trailer. This one is tighter, fiercer, and the music (same song) still has a gut effect. A really terrific trailer. Ultimately it worked: Makes me wanna pay whatever they wanna charge to see it TODAY.


This is the movie to see in 2007. After that all the rest will pale into the background.

Whew! All of a sudden it got hot in here even if it rained in London all day. Water please, somebody get me buckets of water!

The trailer is spectacular apart from stunning - right hap? :D

Well ,it certainly doesn't hurt that there are Abs of Amazingness on display. And Gerard Butler doesn't know how to look bad. He was even a drop dead gorgeous Phantom who was supposed to be hideous. Yeah, right.

So, the action for the guys. The beefcake for the gals. The heroism for all. And just general graphicky novel goodness made into what looks to be cinematic yumminess.

Can I buy my ticket now?


This movie, without question, is going to rock and rock hard at the box office.
Richard, is this the same Gerald Butler that was in the "Phantom of the Opera?"

If anyone is interested in this movie I strongly suggest u go to http://300themovie.warnerbros.com/
It have video diairies on the making of this movie, almost all the actors involved had to get in shape by doing some serious killer workouts.

Mike you've obviously not been following Filmstalker. I've been posting about those journals, and the one about the workouts featured here. You just have to do a search.

Yup Poodle. It's the same Mr Butler.

Rich, I am keeping an eye on that Gerry feature. Ahrmmmmm....

You still haven't cooled off yet, Simone? I need to check out this Gerald guy. See what he looks like without the mask, you know, from Phantom of the Opera. Darn, now I got that music stuck in my head.

Hi there Poodle, no, its still HOT over here! ;D

I recommend that you watch Lara Croft 2, that is if you want the heat on where you are too. Saw you saw him in the Phantom eh, isnt the chest just distracting in the 'Point of No Return' scene? *winks*

Oppss, there's a typo in my last post there. That was meant to be, So you saw him, not saw you saw him - see how he is affecting my thought process? LOL


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