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300 official site launched

300.jpgThere's a brand new site live for the film 300, the adaptation of Frank Millers graphic novel, and the film that has the fans screaming in a frenzy right now, and the site matches the hype.

The official site comes through Superhero Hype.

It's filled with promises at the moment, but it looks lovely and has a quick synopsis, the teaser trailer, Video Journals, production blog, and the concept art. To come there's downloads, TV spots, the full trailer, wallpapers, posters, screensavers, even icons. Plenty of stuff to keep you going until the film. There's even a menacing King Leonidas ready to leap out the screen at you!

However, I am incredibly hungry to see this film. Even a glimpse of the trailer, or some TV spots, any footage in fact. It just looks so damned good. Go see the site for yourself.



Will I ever have peace? ;)

Thanks Richard!

Richard, I know there is a roadshow for the "300" right now, they've been to Spain and France. Do you know if they are taking this roadshow globally, to promote this movie even more?? TX.

Hey Mike, I hope they bring it to the UK, I wanna meet those beefy Spartans, esp. their King! ;)

Mike, I had no idea. I'll try and find out about it. Thanks for letting me know.

I suggest you tune in to GB.net, they seem to be on top of it all. Tarts!


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