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300 stills and International trailer

Butler300.jpgThere's more stills and supposedly a new trailer online for 300, however I'm sure this is the trailer we've seen before and I've linked to on the site. I don't see anything different in it at all.

There are two pictures from SuperheroHype, one ween in the trailer with the Spartan army advancing and pushing the enemy off the edge of a cliff, and the other showing the advancing army in silhouette against the rising sun. The visuals do look stunning.

You can have a look at the International trailer over at Allocine through SuperheroHype. Is it the same one? I definitely think so.

I just can't get enough of this film just now, and it's a shame we're going to have to wait for so long to get to this film.



But isnt out in February, that's not very far away Rich! ;D

I too am dying to see this movie and the wait is like killing slowly. I wish they would get it out for X'mas instead of the long wait.

It made me want to dabble on Greek history now, I have just been trying to get into Roman history after watching Season 1 of HBO's Rome and now this!

Simone: Your If you want to continue with the Roman stuff, you should The BBC mini "I, Claudius" One of the best things ever made for TV anywhere in the world. Much better than Rome. Seriously.

Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Patrick Stewart, John Hurt, Sian Phillips, and John-Rhys Davis.

Unbeliably addictive 13 or so hours.

Hey Triflic! Actually, I already borrowed the "I, Claudius" DVD boxset from a work colleague, and I am so looking forward to watching it in the coming weekends. Thanks for the heads up. :D

Saying that, Derek Jacobi is playing at the West End in the play "A Voyage Round my Father" until 16th December.

Hmmm, how much is a flight from Toronto Canada to London England?



I am sure if you book it now it will still be cheap. :)


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