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$42 million for Cohen's new Borat

SashaBaronCohen.jpgSacha Baron Cohen is already lining up his next film with his next bizarre character, and this film is peaking interest in Hollywood with Universal offering over US$42million for the worldwide rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon Dreamworks, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers are all interested in grabbing the rights, so a bidding war may well ensue.

The messages about Cohen's success are quite mixed at the moment, on the one hand we're hearing that the release of Borat has been heavily cut due to concerns about poor performance, and then on the next we're hearing from readers that it's because the release schedule has been phased.

Regardless of how Borat fares it looks like Cohen is set for success as he leaves the character behind and starts with Bruno, a gay fashionista from Austria who believes he is the voice of Austrian youth...or yoof if you prefer.

Cohen certainly does know how to market himself and hit the headlines, and I doubt this character will prove any different. However where can he go to get a true reaction to his character without anyone realising who he is?



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