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Advertising, Feeds and Filmstalker Community

Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop you a note about a few things that are happening just now, the first is the most obvious one, advertising.

You'll see from the site that banners are now appearing on almost every page. These should be non-obtrusive adverts, without pop-ups or downs, sliders, spyware detection alerts, or anything else like that. If there are then please contact me immediately and I'll have them removed. So far I've been very selective for the advertising and limited them to film related banners.

Let me explain about the advertising and why it's all here, then I can talk about the possible effect on the site feeds, ask for your input, and then invite you to join the Filmstalker Community...

Since starting Filmstalker I've taken a bold step, I've reduced my working week from five days to four. Bold because I need the money for my mortgage and general living expenses, not to mention paying for my wedding. However films are one of my top passions (yes I have a few) and I want to really put my heart into Filmstalker for as long as it can work, so far, it has been.

So because I'm now earning less, and the site is costing more due to hugely increased bandwidth requirements, I've put advertising on the site in order to pay for the running costs. I'm not sure how this will work out as yet, and I may have to experiment with various advertisers, but hopefully it will start to bring in some cash.

The two main banners generally work through sales conversions, the site doesn't get any money for viewing, although a couple will pay for clicks. The small silver square, which is on the top right hand of the page, will pay per views once it gets sold. So bear all that in mind when you're looking to help out Filmstalker by clicking a promotion.

With the new advertising, I need to drive more traffic to the pages, and again the issue of feeds comes up. I'm toying again with the idea of restricting the feeds from the site to summaries rather than the full stories, and I'm looking for your views on this. Please do take a second to think about it and either comment on the article here or send me an email with your thoughts - richard(with-the-at-symbol-here)filmstalker.co.uk.

Finally, the Filmstalker Community. A few of us have been testing an area for Filmstalker readers to publish their own content, discuss stories, create top lists, and even contribute to the site. This has been going well and it's slightly different to the usual community areas. If you're interested in joining up (no fee!) then just drop me an email at the above address.

The area is still under trial, and we're even beta testing it for the makers, so it may not be the final Filmstalker Readers area. In fact at work I'm piloting a completely different solution for a private community, more on that if it works out.

Well that's it for this update. Just to apologise for the lack of reviews, but things have been really busy in getting the advertising sorted, organising myself for doing a little professional photography job (unpaid I'm afraid), and trying to keep up with everything else in life...like sleep! The balance will sway back soon though...

Stay well, and keep reading, Richard.



Click away Filmstalkers! ;)

The advertising integration is very nicely done, and it's great that you will be avoiding popups to spare your readers the aggravation.

As far as the feeds, I was always surprised to see you included the full text of the articles. Drop it down to a synopsis or the first X words as far as I'm concerned.

One thing I would like to see on the feeds is a "Comments" feed. I don't like having extra e-mail so I don't subscribe to threads where I post, but it would be easy to check a feed occasionally.

Thanks for that Hap. I had setup a comments feed before, but for some reason with MT it skips comments and you don't get the full list. I believe the next version of the software provides that, but I'm not brave enough to upgrade as yet.

Have you looked into co.mments? I really like that service and use it a lot, but I take your point on the comments feeds and as soon as I upgrade it'll be here.

As for the feed. Thanks, if no one comes back negative I think I will cut it down.

Actually I was just thinking, how would you like the feed cut, and which would work better as a reader?

1. Limited by a number of words (50ish?) which just cuts off mid sentance with... Visit the site for the full story...

2. Or splitting the story into two so that there's a full paragraph at the beginning which is in the feed and on the main page. On the main page selecting the "read the full story..." link would take you to full story, as would the link from the feed.

Which do you think? I guess a lot of it depends on the formatting of the front page and how you all read it.

I subscribe to the feed, but I like to visit the site, so I don't mind summaries rather than full stories.


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