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Aliens vs Predator 2 (AvP2) plot details

AlienvsPredator.jpgThere's some casting news and plot details for AvP2 out today, and neither are particularly promising. John Ortiz goes from strength to...well, not the next step, as he follows his cool Miami Vice and American Gangster appearances with AvP2.

The news from Empire carries some casting news and the word on the plot doesn't make me nervous with excitement I have to say.

Half Nelson’s Shareeka Epps and The OC’s Johnny Lewis have also joined...

...The new movie will be set in a picturesque American small town, which suddenly becomes a war zone when a pissed off Predator and a mob of deadly aliens arrives. Epps is playing Kendra, a young girl who has to look out for her younger sibling. Ortiz is the town’s sheriff and Lewis is a troubled kid who will likely find a reason to behave once the extra-terrestrial rabble-rousers show up.

Mmmm...Survival of the Fittest doesn't sound like it's going to be such a great film. Am I wrong? Is there good to be had here?



i try to find silver linings in every cloud, Rich...but in this one, the silver lining seems to ammount to an anvil dropping swiftly toward my head to smack some sense into me.

this story sounds lame as hell. god help us all. : (

I really hope this movie rocks though. And I must point out that I recently caught the original on DVD and have to admit it got an unfair ammount of negative crap...that movie FULL out ROCKED, IMO.

Right Mogulus. I'm off to ramp it up the rental queue now.

LOL, way way funny Richard.
It seems like the Predator is always pissed off about something, and Aliens, what is their story? I confess, I did watch the, uh, (cough cough) the first one. I so badly wanted to burn a ten dollar bill. Perhaps, I'll just throw myself in a snake pit next time.


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