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Alpha Dog faces court delay?

AlphaDog_Poster.jpgThe Justin Timberlake starring film Alpha Dog looks set for another protracted delay, and this one is due to the courts and the real life case that the film is based on.

Jesse James Hollywood has started a case to sue Universal claiming he's unfairly portrayed in the film. Hollywood (the man) is charged with the kidnapping and murder of the fifteen year old Nicholas Markowitz in 2000. It is claimed that he was kidnapped because of a drug debt owed by his brother, and then he was murdered and his body dumped. Hollywood was arrested up in Brazil some five years later and if convicted could face the penalty.

According to the story in Hollywood.com he claims that the film could harm his case because it so closely parallels the story alleged by the former Prosecutor County Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen. Former because he went on to act as a consultant on the film and therefore had to leave the case, although not after successfully prosecuting four other men in connection with the case.

Since it is such a close comparison it could be deemed to affect his case and his ability to receive a fair trial, and if the courts agree then we could see Alpha Dog delayed until after the trial completes.

Something similar happened with Wolf Creek (review) in Australia, as a case it was losely based on was still in court and the distributors held off from release until the case was completed. Could we see something similar here, and is it nothing but good publicity for this film which needs all the publicity it can get?



Wolf Creek actually only got held up in the Northern Territory where the case was being heard. It was released on schedule in all the other states here.

With Timberlake in the lead I'm not sure the film really needs that much additional publicity. Mind you, I probably would've said (and quite possibly did say, I can't remember) the same thing about the Edison movie he was also in, and look how that ended up...

Ah yes, I remember now, thanks James.

I was thinking about the marketing campaign that was all Timberlake, then no Timberlake, and the film was on, and off, and...it just seemed real messy, and now this.

Well Justin has nothing to worry about, was it his album or his single reached the UK Billboard for the first time and he is the first entertainer to be featured in the Millenium Dome now called O2 next year. And he has Cameron Diaz. Frankly, I dont really care.

This movie should be indicted for its goddamn trailer, which I've had to suffer through no fewer than three times this month. Timberlake was not ever a selling point for me, and the trailer made it look like so much "gangsta" nonsense that I was turned off from the opening shot. I know I'm not one to talk about judging a movie by its trailer, but this one deserved a court injunction.


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