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Aniston to become a Doctor?

JenniferAniston.jpgJennifer Aniston is eyeing her latest project as a producer, but word is she might just take on the lead role as Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer who uses the power of the mind to reverse the aging process.

The story, which comes from CinemaBlend, tells us that Langer worked with "illusion control, decision making, and aging theories"...oooh. If you want to read more about her you can over at her Wikipedia entry, or her Harvard personal site.

Aniston did say that she didn't think her dramatic roles were that good and she was going stick to comedy, as this is being billed as a drama-comedy it sounds like she's doing just that. I actually think that's a real shame because she's very good dramatically, just watch Derailed (review) to see what she really can do and how easy it is for her to shake off her Friends character.

That said a quick look at her upcoming movies reveals that The Senator's Wife and Wanted are both more dramatic roles...perhaps she changed her mind after all? Wanted has her starring alongside Meryl Streep. Definitely more dramatic, and definitely good news.



She also gave a really good performance in "The Good Girl".


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