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Another Carrey film fails?

JimCarrey.jpgThis is stunning news, and it's starting to look like there's a Jim Carrey curse out there. Another film that Carrey was appearing in has fallen apart, this time it's A Little Game Without Consequence starring Carrey and Cameron Diaz, directed by Gabriele Muccino. Well, when I say fallen apart, the story reveals a slightly different truth.

Variety, through Coming Soon, state that Focus have one last attempt at getting the project made. Oh, okay, forgive me a moment but that means it's not dead. If someone was termed dead they would be, well not breathing. If they are still managing to breath that means they're not dead. Get the idea? So, the project is still very much alive, it's just that the actors involvement is the same as it was last time round, i.e. they're waiting to see a script outcome. Let me explain.

It appears both actors agreed to make the film, based on a French play about a couple who continually hit with break up rumours, subject to a script rewrite that would address some of their concerns about it. Sounds fair enough, happens a lot in Hollywood.

James Schamus was assisting in that rewrite it seems, and I quote:

Schamus helped guide Muccino through that rewrite

Actually IMDB quote Allan Loeb as adapting the play. So that's confusing enough already. Well it seems that the stars didn't like that rewrite. Again, according to the story:

the resulting draft took the comedy in a direction that prompted the actors to bail. Focus dismissed Muccino, and Schamus has made himself available to do the rewrite.

So did he write it or not? I am getting really confused. No matter. Seems as though Schamus is now hammering off another attempt that will hopefully satisfy the stars and get them back on board. Now they need a new director though. Funnily enough there's an entire crew hired and they're ready to start filming.

What a disaster. Is Carrey indeed cursed? Is this a throwback to his old agent, or his new one making his presence felt? Who knows.



Bizarre indeed.

Would love to see Carrey and Diaz reunited since they did The Mask.

What a pity, because the premise of this movie is very interesting. I hope they don´t cancel number 23 too.

Maybe the poor performance of Dick and Jane can account for all this. The crisis of Hollywood is also a crisis of the star system, it seems.


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