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Apocalypto behind the scenes video online

MelGibson.jpgThere's even more footage online, this one is for Mel Gibson's epic Apocalypto and it's a behind the scenes which carries some footage from the film and some of Gibson hugging local children and generally being a cool director. Marketing is wonderful, however there's some good images from the film itself and is worth watching, whatever you think of the man himself, this film looks like it's going to be very strong.

You can see the footage over at MoviesOnline. [QT:Embed]

I'm definitely putting aside everything in the press and concentrating on the epic that could be this film. Is this something you are managing, or are you finding that no matter what you see of this film you are already being turned off from it?



I am holding out hope that we are going to have us a good film here.

Oh no way, I love Mel Gibson, I am sure this will be a great film with epic proportions!

It looks like a beautiful film to see. I am eager to know if my good feelings are correct.


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