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Babluani and Haneke remake themselves in Hollywood

FunnyGames_Poster.jpgTwo directors who have relatively recently made their own films outside of Hollywood, are set to take them to the US and remake them. Géla Babluani is remaking 13 (Tzameti) and Michael Haneke is set to remake Funny Games.

Haneke is most recently known for his film Caché (Hidden), and his 1997 film Funny Games is being written and directed by himself with a strong cast featuring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt. The story comes from Variety through HorrorMovies.ca.

The film is about two psychotic men who kidnap a family, take them to their cabin and play sadistic games with them. The original was quite innovative because it pulled the audience into the story and at times, made them feel as though they were part of the events.

Meanwhile Babluani is remaking his 2005 film according to Variety through Empire. The story is about a secret group of gamblers who bet on peoples lives. This time the story will take place in the US and focus on one timeframe, unlike the original which moved about on both levels.

Interesting that they've both decided to do this, especially since so many have failed before them. Is it just money or is it the allure that they think with a bigger budget they could really pull off strong remakes of their own films? After all rather they do it than anyone else?



About the Haneke thing, it´s about the money, man. There´s no way he can improve the original one. In fact, there´s no way he can avoid to sweeten the material.

This said, I can´t recommend everyone to watch this movie. Those who have seen it know what I´m talking about.

Uh-oh. I heard what this "Funny Games" is about an I am like...


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