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Bana and Howard chase X Factor

TerrenceHoward.jpgNo, there's no Simon Cowell in this one! Eric Bana and Terrence Howard are starring in Factor X, a film about the true and harrowing story of the BTK killer. The film is to be produced by Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free, and could well become a directing project for him.

The story will be written by Gregory Allen Howard and based on the true story of how the BTK killer was captured. For those of you who don't know the killer's nickname was given because of his style of murder - Blind, Torture, Kill - and the title of the film is taken from the killers own words when describing what made him carry out the killings in letters he wrote to the police. The killer murdered people around Wichita in Kansas from 1974 to 1991. Amazingly the killer was only caught in 2005 and turned out to be an unassuming leader at a local church.

The story comes from Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, and they tell us that Howard will play the young counterterrorism expert who teams up with a local policeman, played by Bana, and hunts down the killer.

This sounds like a superb project, and these two excellent actors will bring an intensity to the roles. It'll be even more interesting when the casting of the killer is announced and we find out who they are up against. Thankfully it's not a story about a killer stalking the judges in the UK's X-Factor show...although...



Oh my goodness, Bana playing an officer? YESSSS! ;)


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