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Baron Cohen and Johnny Depp

SashaBaronCohen.jpgThis is hard to believe, but it could be a strong move for the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen most known for his two characters Borat and Ali G. Cohen is set to join Johnny Depp in the coming musical film of Sweeny Todd by Tim Burton.

I can't help but think this could be a stunning move for Cohen, he's moving into the dark comedy realm which in itself is a good break from his comedy to date, but he's also venturing into more serious roles which I think he would suit.

The story comes from Production Weekly through Moviehole.

I saw him in The Jolly Boys Last Stand (review) and although he wasn't the strongest in the film he was surprisingly good in a real role, playing a real person and not some overblown comic character.

I'd like to see him doing some serious roles, totally serious roles that is, because I do believe that he could be such a strong character actor. He already is.



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