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Batman rumours galore

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgThere are a few Dark Knight stories today, and I thought I'd pull them all together. Ryan Philippe and Jake Gyllenhaal talk Harvey Dent, and Christopher Nolan talks Joker.

From SciFi Wire, Nolan talks about the appointment of Heath Ledger as the grinning psychopath.

"He's just exactly the kind of energy I needed for the character...Everything about the risks that that performer is willing to take are the things I need for somebody to take on that iconic figure. It's going to be a huge challenge for us to create it, and he's exactly the guy you want to be in the trenches with."

He also says that because he's been so busy finishing The Prestige that he's not had time to do any other casting, so the following rumours may just well prove out.

From UK IGN, Philippe debunks the rumours that he's going to be playing Dent, and he even laughs at the way these things appear without him having heard a word.

"Chris Nolan is great and I thought the first one was amazing...But it is just a rumor at this point; I don't know if they even have a script. But who knows at this point."

So no to him. The next rumour, which is far less possible, is for Gyllenhaal, and his Agent has spoken over at IMDB. Responding to the question of whether he would be playing Dent his Agent said:

"No, the other guy from Brokeback Mountain is in it if you haven't heard."

I think we're done here. Sure Harvey Dent is in the new film, but no one has been cast and it looks like Nolan hasn't even had the time to think of who.



Oh dear, I thought Philippe was already cast.

All the movie will depend on the success of creating the Joker, and Heath Ledger´s performance. So it better had to be good.


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