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Bay remakes Birds, Changeling and Near Dark!

MichaelBay.jpgA while ago I reported on the Near Dark remake, as well as the remake of The Changeling (review) being eyed by Ron Howard and the intended remake of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Well now the news just got worse. Platinum Dunes has made a deal with Rogue Pictures to produce both the remakes for Near Dark and The Changeling, and they are already involved in making The Birds remake with Universal.

What's the issue I hear you ask? Platinum Dunes is Michael Bay. Now I'm not knocking him because he is a great action director, but none of these films are action and they all carry subtlety, paranoia, great characters and some strong psychological elements.

However, according to SciFi Wire the deal only says production, so let's not get too concerned just yet, it might be that they hand over the reigns of writing and directing to some strong talent, and maybe Ron Howard could direct The Changeling after all. If Bay takes any of these on, I would be concerned.



im undecided if this is good or bad

How can you remake The Birds? Nobody will ever match the scene with the lovebirds in the cage, swinging as the car goes around the corners buit the birds still bolt upright. Funniest scene ever. Though I guess that wasn't the intention.

Enough of remakes already, that's what I'll say!


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