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Behind the scenes of Postal

UweBoll.jpgI've just watched the behind the scenes video from the set of Uwe Boll's latest film Postal, and you know what, it's quite funny, and eye opening. The scene where Boll is so busy talking to the behind the scenes camera and petting his dog to realise that they have started rolling speaks volumes.

The video is over at PitchPage through Skewed and Reviewed, and you should be careful as the language is quite strong...mind you, Zack Ward has a point.

Here's a few cool quotes from the film...

...It would be kinda fun to make a movie with a crazy german intellectual that people really hate...
...If you do like it see the movie, twice, then rent the movie and send me a cheque...

Go and have a watch, funny it most definitely is...although I'm not entirely sure if I'm laughing for the right reasons.

Nice of Boll to pick out the shots of him punching inexperienced boxers in the face and knocking them out. Great guy. Must take criticism well and be great to work with. "Hey Boll, I'd like my character..." THUMP. Nice.



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