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Berg's reverse time conspiracy thriller

PeterBerg.jpgPeter Berg is speculating in the arena of the TV thriller, not strictly films but this is quite fascinating. He's planning a story that will be similar to the series arced 24, but will be told in reverse.

The story from Empire is light on actual detail but does sound very interesting. It sounds like it would be a great premise for a film as well.

I'm still dead excited to see what he makes of the film adaptation of Splinter Cell. I'm also mad keen to hear what comes out of the Rainbow Six film that John Woo is producing with Zack Snyder directing.

I think these two could be real sneak up and grab you videogame adaptations, but then that's been said before!



John Woo is way over estimated. I would'nt come in my pants just because he is involved in a movie. In fact I would most likely avoid it and rent it on DVD, on a really lonely night.

I think the more exciting part is the Snyder involvement, Woo just ensures the clout and money.


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