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Bernal says no to Bourne Ultimatum

GaelGarciaBernal.jpgRecently we heard that Gael Garcia Bernal was offered the baddie role in Bourne Ultimatum, however today we hear that he's turned down the role due to his own directorial commitments.

According to CHUD through Coming Soon Bernal says that he is rewriting his film in the editing room and there just won't be time for him to star, even though he loves the Bourne movies.

He was speaking at the press conference for Babel and the film he is hard at work on is his directorial debut called Déficit, cryptically about some rich boys who learn some tough lessons...cryptic indeed.

Since the Bourne film is in progress they're going to have to find a replacement very soon, if they haven't already. Who would you want to see as a baddie in the latest Bourne film? Now's the chance to get the suggestions in.



The next question is, are they bringing in the Jackal character?


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