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Black is not Green Lantern

JackBlack.jpgJack Black has spoken out about the rumours of him playing The Green Lantern in that much talked about film version of the classic comic book character, and basically it's a big fat no.

"Well yeah it was true that uh yes someone wrote a script for me, but I don't think it's going to happen. Too many people were mad at the idea of me being Green Lantern."

That's the quote taken from Comic Book Movie which they heard during a press junket for Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny'.

So no Black Lantern then. One might wonder if this project will ever get off the ground as it's had so many shaky starts before. I think it will though, it's one of the more famous comic book characters and personally I don't think Black was right to bring a direct adaptation to the big screen, maybe a spoof of the comic, but not a direct adaptation.

So if not Black, who? Who could and should fill the Green Lantern's cod piece?



He's got a film coming out apart from Tenacious D, it's called The Holiday, the trailer looks hilarious, Kate Winslet falling for Jack Black, wow!


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