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Bloom to die in fourth Pirates?

OrlandoBloom.jpgAn insider at Disney has revealed to a UK newspaper that while the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean is being written, Orlando Bloom's character of Will Turner is not, for Disney intend to write him out during the fourth sequel - if it ever gets made that is.

Apparently he has a clause in his contract to get paid the same as the other main stars of the films, and since his career external to this series isn't quite on the same keel as Johnny Depp, he's being eyed as a cost saving exercise.

The story comes from The Daily Star through Cinematical and is actually quite believeable, except I think they're making a mistake saying that the character is dispensible.

The love story between he and Elizabeth Swann continually being pulled at by Jack Sparrow is a central crux of the stories for me, it's the reality and human aspect of the tale that gives some extra life to the characters. For without that Sparrow is just a drunk pirate without any human connection, and that deeply hidden humanity is a central part to his character.

So for me, I can't see it working without any of the central characters, I think it really would harm the story and it'll become a much flatter pirates story.



Oh matey! There are plans for a 4th Pirates film?

I am not a fan of the franchise I just watched it because it stars Johnny Depp but then again if its bringing money I suppose all they could really do is bleed this dry isnt it. If they kill off Bloom's character, I wouldnt care less either.

The guy hardly appeared in the second movie anyway, so no big loss.

Actually something I forgot in the story is how rubbish the second film was anyway. It was like seeing the ride with all the cool loops and drops, getting into the seat, being buckled up, and then just as the machine pulls you to the top of the first drop, credits.

A first act for the third film.

Overall I'm not bothered about the film at all after that.

Funny when I was posting my reply earlier, I recalled the review you wrote for the 2nd film too Rich.

What!? The sequel gross over billion world wide, and folks, that's with the letter "B" and they're bitching just couple of million for Orlando? Talk about a tight fisting, greedy little trolls.
These rich [plural of a sewing needle accident - Richard] never ceased to amaze me.
Pardon my language...

Let Disney know your disappointment!


orlando's character is a bore and his acting (especially in the 2nd film) is second rate at best... so i say good riddance

There's no concrete plans, a script is being turned in and it will depend upon the success of the third. Our advice to them? Remember to put an entire film worth of plot in there.

OMG, they're trying not to follow the rules of making movie sequels. It will surely be a flop if Will Turner's not there anymore!

Not wanting to get the ire of our new posters here (despite my true feelings for the franchise) particularly with Orlando's fans, I have got to say that although Johnny Depp has the biggest draw for Pirates, surely one of the other reasons why it was so successful is because of Orlando Bloom's presence in it, let us not count his millions of fans worldwide that flocked to the theaters who knows how many times. I can blooming feel for you all.

What makes you think they can't write a new "human" story without Orlando Bloom, as if he's the only actor in the world who can pull off a love triangle?

Personally, I hope they match up Elizabeth and Will, marry them off, send them into the sunset to live happily...or sort of happily...ever after, and introduce Jack to a new set of cute co-stars. Nobody's kidding themselves: Jack's the only interesting character here. Elizabeth was fun in the first movie, but as bionic, flirtatious action woman! she bores me to tears. Will was terrible with the acting and all in the first movie, but improved vastly in DMC. Still, another movie and they should both retire.

Because Elizabeth and Jack? Seriously? I mean, Elizabeth beginning to fall for Jack--that's interesting. Jack and Elizabeth as an item, her yelling at him not to leave bottles around, him being dragged along on shopping trips...I can't see it. As much as I can't see Elizabeth living on a ship being a pirate for the rest of her life.

Thanks bro! Real good work!

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